As a workshop and meeting facilitator, I design and lead in-meeting processes that guide groups and teams to communication, and to think and solve problems effectively together.

How do I do this? I safeguard meeting structure and progression to increase #trust #participation #insights #confidence and #commitment toward achieving your shared goals and objectives.

For an example workshop concept see Team Performance Coaching:

The methods and tools I use, ensure:

  • 100% participation from all attendees (no leaning back in my meetings 🙂
  • In-meeting processes that make information and insight sharing easier, leading to the construction of new knowledge
  • Confidence and commitment to the achieved results, enhancing future collaboration together.

Its good to work with me and my methods when:

  • There is a need to create a bigger picture, see the connections and open up options for potential solutions
  • The subject matter is complex or multifaceted and there is no one clear answer known
  • The participants come from different backgrounds, organisational status and may not have in-depth understanding of each others professional or cultural language style

When interested, please do contact me, so that we can discuss how I can help you and your group or team move forward to meet your current challenge.