Team Performance Coaching

Challenge: A new team needs to get started or an existing team wants to improve results.

Opportunity: A constructive way to make a good start or improve your existing performance is to spend time to answer the questions on the 7 step ‘team performance model‘. Answering the questions will help you create more clarity and understanding around what makes your team tick and what needs to improve.

This may sound simple and it is not always easy.

What can I do to help you?

As a team performance facilitator, I manage meeting processes to effectively lead you to share insights, develop knowledge and work together towards improving performance. The workshops I deliver provide structure and manage meeting progression. Whatever development stage you are in, I ensure that the team’s attention is invested in constructing the clarity and alignment you need to move forward together effectively.

The Promise: In using me as a team facilitator, I work to create a context of trust, positivity and fun leading your team to clarify the who|what|why of working together, in some cases it can help to identify and align on a simple set of guiding principals to prepare the team to deal effectively during real-time issues and problem-solving. When necessary time can be spent on visualising working processes and what needs to change to meet your stated performance goals.

Workshop design is made to meet you where you are, duration varies according to the complexity of the meeting challenge. A team (or group of stakeholders) comprising of 6-10 members can co-create a shared vision in just a few hours, whereas scenario testing and identification of your team’s unique guiding principals would take a full working day.

When you would like to experience my methods first hand and explore how I may be able to help you meet an important challenge, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!