Individual coaching (Personal- and Professional) is a process to unlock your potential and maximise your own performance. The coaching relationship is a powerful alliance between you and your coach and is about your learning rather than teaching you. A model that I find offers a simple and basic structure for coaching is the Co-Active Model. The tools and structures offered in this framework can be offered individually or in a group context.

What does a co-activing coaching plan include?

Focus: a self-assessment of where you are now, and what you would like to acheive. Tools: Wheel of life, primary focus, identification of goals and objectives, consultation

Fulfilment: explore and expand your values-driven and compelling vision of the future. Tools: Future self, life purpose, values clarification

Balance – we use a 7 step approach to broaden possibilities, balance choice and commit to purposeful action

Process – Learn to deal with the ups and downs of progress and restore energy when blocks arise